Save Verona Terrace Car Park

The Council plans to sell Verona Terrace Car Park 

The meeting on 20th August 2018 to discuss the Councils proposal to dispose of Verona Terrace Car Park on Tentelow Lane was well attended.   Unfortunately Councillor Mann was unable to attend, but we met him & Councillor Aslam on a separate occasion and they gave us an assurance that they would support our objections.

A number of questions have been put to the Council, in writing under the freedom of information act, about their rationale behind the proposal. We are still awaiting a response.

The meeting decided that there were a number of ways that the Community of Norwood Green and the wider Community who will be affected by this proposal could voice their objections to the Council.  You can:

  1. Sign the e-Petition here
  2. Sign one of the petitions being circulated within the Community i.e.. at St Mary’s Church and The Plough Pub
  3. You can write to the Council at


 by post to: Mr. K. Fraser,  Head of Democratic Services, 5th floor, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 6HL. (Letters should be with the Council by midnight on the 3rd October)


The Council have been notified of our intention to present the petition at the next Council meeting on 9th October starting at 7pm at Ealing Town Hall.  Members of the public can attend in the Public Gallery.